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Water Management System

What is WMS

Water management system is a SCADA system that addresses a big lump of water protection and metering problems from water pumping tube wells through storage tanks to consumers by providing real time data acquisition and control of the water supply network.

Why choose WMS?

As wastewater collection systems and drinking water distribution often spread out over large geographical areas, automation and remote monitoring is crucial, and this is can be accomplished by a water SCADA system. Our product not only provides supervision but also quality management inclusive of Pre-paid and Postpaid metering, Consumption Log & Alarm/Alerts Processing.

Information from different water quality sensors, level sensors and flow sensors is gathered and analyzed in control center, pumps are remotely turned on and off either automatically as per schedule set or manually by push of buttons as and when desired. WMS network is spread throughout the water distribution system and a centralized control center allows a single supervisor to view the entire process and perform control actions. The systems can also automatically react to conditions and perform control actions, such as emergency shutdowns of processes, starting or stopping pumps, opening/closing valves interrupting water supply to a specific area. Since it monitors the whole network, any leakage or pilferage can be detected in real-time. The water quality is monitored for acidity, turbidity, Oxidation level, temperature, pH, conductivity, TDS, dissolved oxygen, ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) and many other water pollutants at all inlets. Its health impacts are shared with authorities to take pre-emptive actions.

From Water Quality Analysis, leakage & theft detection to water pumping station control & protection, WMS has everything you need in a flexible multiplatform environment


Remote Switching

Theft and Leakage Tracibility

Water Quality Monitoring

Pump Remote Scheduling

Electricity Consumption Details

Pump fault detection

Water Tanks Monitoring

User friendly User Interface

MDI Calculation

Auto Fault Protection

Graphical Interface

Auto Reports Generation

System Architecture

WMS network is spread throughout the water supply network, which monitors the power consumption of motors, the temperature of motors, how much water is being pumped, quality of water, leakage and pilferage detection and much more. All of the monitoring data is available in central control stations

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