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Smart Grading Technology

What Does MARKIT Offer

The program is design to check and grade MCQs type exams. It works like an OMR that is standardly used along with bubble sheets where students fill in the correct answers on the answer sheet and the sheet is fed through OMR machine.

Why choose MARKIT?

Automated Grading Systems significantly reduce the time and effort required to evaluate exams, enabling teachers and professors to focus on other critical aspects of education.

Automated Grading System follow a predefined set of rules and standards consistently, ensuring fair and objective evaluation for all students

With AI-Powered Grading System, exams can be evaluated and results generated in a fraction of the time it would take manually


Doesn't Required OMR Machine

No Need Of Bubble Sheet

Easy Scanning Of Exam Paper

Easy Upload To Markit Server For Checking And Grading

How It Works?

The AI in the Markit Program backend only deal with the detecion of the answer markings, whether the student has marked as answer using a tick, a circle or a fill. The program detects the marking the student had made and determines the answer he selected for the question consequentially

The AI Model detects the options the student selected and the program then accordingly determines the selected answers. This information is then used to grade the paper by comparing the answers with a user defined answer key.

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