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Smart Earthquake Early Warning System

About Product (SEEWS)

Earthquake early warning system is a model to provide warnings/alarms to nearby locations before the arrival of strongest shake. SEEWS is an intelligent system that can predict the scale, time, location and likely damages of the impending earthquake.

Impacts Of SEEWS?

1.Seismic monitoring plays important role in hazard assessment.

2.Ground motion prediction model helping earthquake engineering.

3.Location tracking in urban regions facing earthquake at high frequency.

4.Development of models that predict the level of the ground motion of future earthquakes.

5.The statistical data obtained through experiments can be helpful in designing buildings and societies.


Predicts The Expected Intensity

Estimates The Magnitude Of The Earthquake

Issues Early Warning System

Creates A Real Time Map Of The Areas That Will Be Affected

System Architecture

Our system consists of three major components. Observation, processing, and alarming or dissemination. In the first part, earthquake is sensed through the seismometers, in the second part edge device is used to detect the earthquake using Al model. In the last, the database disseminates the information through servers to web or mobile applications.

Website Dashboard

The database system receives data from webserver; whenever it generates an alert to the clients it also requests the database server to save the data, the database server takes the data and saves it.

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